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Sales Quality Research Group, Inc., of Tempe, Arizona, is pleased to announce the 2015 updated version of its proprietary Online Branch Audit System™. Designed specifically for broker dealers, investment sales programs and TPMs, the highly sophisticated and interactive online system provides a consumer friendly and cost-effective way to conduct branch and OSJ audits, manage the audit process, and generate key reports necessary to comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements (NASD Rule 3010).

Sales Quality Group’s Online Branch Audit System replaces what has historically been a cumbersome, time-consuming and paper-intensive process with a state-of-the-art, secure, online system providing real-time (24/7) support for auditors, sales managers, program managers and senior management. Clients can design their own branch audit forms or use a customized version of Sales Quality Group’s model “best practices” audit forms. Sales Quality Group can also provide experienced auditors and/or high level audit consulting to assist clients in conducting actual audits or revising the client firm's policies and procedures.

From an auditor’s standpoint, the System offers a whole host of exciting features. Questions can be cross-indexed, designated as scoring or non-scoring and be weighted to reflect the greater importance of specific evaluation criteria. Sections can be scored separately, and results summarized in a graph or chart at the top of the audit report, providing an immediate visual overview of results. Text fields are provided at the end of each section to allow auditors to summarize or clarify their findings. All activities, including records of violations and supervisory signoff, are date and time-stamped and can be locked as non-editable historical records. As a bonus, all supporting exhibits/documentation and even audio recordings can be uploaded or scanned then attached to the audit, ensuring a permanent record of all key documentation.

The audit report cards generated can include sections for one or more required “sign-offs” by management or compliance personnel. The Audit System can also be set to automatically send out email notifications or reminders to auditors or managers based on user-specified triggers or events. In addition, the report cards can be designed to automatically display the company’s compliance policies and generate alerts or explanations when any audit requirement is not met.


We just revamped our audit questionnaire last year and want to continue using it. How do we proceed? No problem – Sales Quality Group can build an online system exactly to your specifications and can even help you upload the prior years’ data so that all important information resides in the same place and is accessible online, in real-time, to all authorized users.

We already started our 2014 audit process, so do we have do we have to wait to 2015 to adopt your system? No need to wait!  Sales Quality Group can have you up and running with your online system in just a few weeks and can help you import/enter the data that you have already collected this year.

We need to re-evaluate our entire branch and OSJ audit process.  Can you provide consulting support in this area? Sales Quality Group has both “model” questionnaires and several strategic partners who can provide consulting on the entire branch audit process and other critical compliance issues.

We may need to hire outside auditors to help us complete our 2014 audits.  Can you provide support in this area as well?  Sales Quality Group has a number of experienced and fully licensed auditors available to assist you in conducting your audits.

So, how much does the system cost? We think you will be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive it will be to establish and maintain your Online Branch Audit System – plus Sales Quality Group grants discounts to its mystery shop and market research clients.

For additional information on Sales Quality Group’s new Online Branch Audit System™, please contact Jim Rensel by phone at (480) 967-7500 or by email at for additional details and a demo of our online system.


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